About the Author

With Frugal Son, my goal is to consistently provide information based on personal experiences in leading a better quality life.

I grew up with a typical, middle-class American family. As I grew older and began to start "figuring out my life" it became apparent to me that money was a big issue within the family unit. Not only with our family, however, with other families in the neighborhood, at school, and every aspect of my social life.

Each month, I would notice my parents acting differently. Expenditure would decrease. Dad would always complain about air conditioning the whole neighborhood or being a lighthouse for aliens because every light in the house was on.

I was always wearing wal-mart brand clothes and we were always eating "bulky" food. I can still see my dad getting excited about the big tub of spaghetti or chicken "DiVahn" which included heaps of rice and enriched wheat flour bread.

I never really understood why I was a social outcast growing up. Always being bullied. Never having too many friends. On top of that why did I always get so hungry during the day? How come I hated physical activity? Why was it so hard to get strong and stay strong?

I wanted to be popular, athletic, and rich. But more importantly, I wanted to be happy.

I invite you to join me on my journey to achieving this happiness through what I consider the two biggest issues affecting Americans today: Money and Diet.


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